pair Jensen TP-200 Triplex 3 way Mahogany from mid 1950s

Holiday greetings to all Havenites!

A pair of 1950s Jensen Triplex TP-200 for sale
. This is a full 3 way system from the peak of Jensen’s highest quality era. The TP-200’s, (like their TP-100 predecessor), are for all practical purposes, equipped the same as the much larger PR-100 Imperial, save for the much larger, folded bass horn of the PR & RS 100 design.

After the span of about 15 years, the time has come for me to find a home for these. Taking literally years to match up, I originally hoped to enjoy personally, knowing over many years, they’ll also be a good investment..

My home is small and with a growing family — I have to scale down. The oldest 1950’s Jensen’s have always been good sounding (mostly thanks to that RP series horn and tweeter, and beefy all paper P15LL super woofer). They’re some of the nicest antique furniture grade cabinets you can own. After the first half of the 1950’s, Jensen, seeking market share, scaled down their line, making bookshelf systems a priority…consequently using much cheaper woods and veneers on the smaller systems.

As far as I can see, the original, 16ohm components are all working well— making this set turn-key to enjoy right away. In many way the star of the show, are the RP-302 alnico 16 ohm tweeters, which are hiding in the upper rear of the back-off photo.

Presenting beautiful in person, I still can only score the cabinet’s cosmetic condition as a conservative “fair” for one and it’s mate as a “good”. Both have many nicks, chips and scratches, one with more minor sun fading .. all normal for their near 70 years of age. One unit also has a bit of dirt on it’s original grill fabric, which will clean off with a bit effort and steam.

These TP-200’s have a nicely done, much more home friendly bass reflex design vs the huge Imperial in a somewhat smaller cabinet. The TP-200 is still a large system. measuring approximately 39”h x 26 x 19 1/2” deep (see Jensen brochure at the bottom of this post) Thanks to the hefty Imperial components they weigh in at 120lbs / each!

Both hailing from this brief mid 1950s timeframe; The cabinets are both all original, factory built Jensen, with Mahogony veneers, lumber-core tops and good sounding old plywood throughout. Unit # was was built in 1954/55 and Unit # 2 is from 1955/56. Cabinet design and configuration is totally matched! The cabinets are fully matched, in exterior finish with original trim, decals and even matched rear signed tags, with ink autographs of Jensen’s lead 1950s inspectors.

While both are the same exterior, they have the slightest of different paint and cosmetic treatments on interior baffle where you can’t see as per the 2+ year span in production technique.

Both speakers, feature the same Woofers (P15LL) Midrange (RP-200 series thread on compression with horn) and the famous RP-302 bullet tweeter. This is all factory wired, to the original Jensen 3-way crossover network boxes, with beautiful old-school exterior brass knobs mounted to adjust midrange and highs.

Just a year or two apart, and with serial #’s only a few hundred off; all components are well matched — a rarity for sure, as these were not sold in matched pairs, back in the early to mid 1950s, which was pre-Stereo era.

If I don’t sell locally, I plan to eventually list on websites for a much higher, still market value price of around 7-8k. These systems are the slightly smaller, bass reflex versions of the huge PR-100 folded horns which are less sought after, less practical, commanding closer to 10k even though they have the same components (P15LL, RP-201, and RP302)

Before listing for a broader set of overseas buyers — I would be happy to offer these to Haven members for a much lower, more friendly price, of $6300. This avoids the inevitable fees of other sales channels. As this is a discounted, lower than retail price, and a temporary one for early birds here on the Haven forum.

Study large photo links below, and feel free to message or email with any and all questions you can think of!
A rariety in pairs, these may not be around for long (we'll see).

For confirmed buyers, and a small gas/transit/labor fee — I would be willing to meet part-way on the USA / East Coast I95 / I85 corridor, up to about 250 miles radius of the Richmond VA / Raleigh, NC area.

Direct links to large DSLR photos (use your browsers magnifier to enlarge photo)

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Geeze, not my intention to tantalize, :o haha.
To all those who might ask, or miss buying these... you can build these Jensen setups yourself (just the way you want) and derive the same good sound from the classy components...(just be sure to use the original parts like these house)!

These are all that + Jazz for the collector +all that provenance !
I have the same woofer in almost the same size cabinet in a WE 753 configuration. The P15ll sounds fabulous and right at 99db. Going from 30Hz to 2k... it's one of the all time greats!