Panasonic 2018 flagship UB9000 Blu-ray player

Here's some very good Panasonic news....

Panasonic will be launching the highly anticipated ultra high end BD/CD/Hi Res audio player in the USA this October. They wanted hit a price point that would be compelling for the enthusiasts to be happy with and to attract new clients to the world of high-end streaming and disc playback. To that end we came up with a launch price of $999.

Equipped with stereo XLR balanced audio outputs and accompanied with 7.1 RCA audio and digital audio outs.

Our dedicated UB9000 web page has more information.

Now for some more good news... by this Wednesday, July 11th my UB9000 engineering production sample will arrive! Hope to see many Hi Fi Haven members and visitors at our showroom to audition Panasonic's new flagship UB9000 BD player.
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Sorry to say "it comes in any color as long as it's black" (credit Henry Ford).

Wish it did as one of my projects will be paring it up with our 2-channel Technics Reference system.
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Looks like a really nice unit, and a timely product release for Panasonic given the recent departure of Oppo Digital from this marketplace.

I bet there are folks who had planned to upgrade to the 4K capable Oppo UDP-205 that were caught off guard, and now cannot buy that unit as the remaining stocks of it have quickly vanished.

This UB9000 looks like a very suitable alternative.
Here's a pic of the HDMI set-up menus for the HDMI output that is marked for "audio only". As you can see it's configurable to your system's needs.

Here's a few more pic from various user menus. This new advanced technology BD player/streamer is very technical and is best purchased from a speciality dealer who can support all of the advanced features so the enthusiast user gets all of the value and benefit this player can deliver when set-up properly for each a/v system.