Passing the Hat - 2020

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To our valued members:

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. Covid has hurt many, whether it be physically, financially or emotionally. We have all been more isolated then in years past, and the visits and get together that used to be so commonplace, have all but disappeared.

Hopefully, to many of you, the Haven has provided a bit of a respite from all that is going on. We've done a lot of upgrades and improvements over the past year, to make sure that if you honoured us with your time and your presence, you would have the best online experience possible.

To reiterate what Ive said in years past, the Haven is totally independent and self funded. We do not take any advertising revenue. We don't have any membership dues. We don't sell anything. We don't sell your info. We operate in a way that will always ensure that we stay small and familial. The online community seem to enjoy arguments and battles, and our refusal to go there will limit our membership. To me, at least, that is a good thing.

So to help keep things running, every once in a while, we pass the hat to ask the members to do what they can to help. No one is required to help, but any help you can give is greatly appreciated. However, with the year being as challenging as it has been, please dont Feel any obligation to give more then you comfortably can.

Should you decide you want to chip in to support us, just hit the Paypal Donate button.

Once again, thanks to you all for making the Haven such a unique and wonderful place.
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Merry Christmas! Thanks for keeping this forum going PM. You are doing the Lord's work.
Dood, whatchoo think yer my ex-wife or somethin'?? 😁

(Jeez, no, I wouldn't wish that on anyone!!)

Take my money! (AKA, $anta Clau$ has delivered your dough-nation.)