Pioneer 1020H RtR in the house!

Pioneer Vato

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Just cracked her open to take a look see. 40+ years of dust and a missing tape counter belt and a rather loose capstan drive belt. As with many tape decks if the counter doesn't spin the play stops so I am betting it is the missing counter belt that is the culprit. At least I'm hoping it's that easy. Ordered a set and we will see where that gets me but everything seems to be working, i.e., lights, fan, etc.:dance:dance:dance


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Working or not, free is an awesome deal. Congrats. I’m sure you’ll have it working in no time.
Beautiful deck. There’s nothing like the look of a RTR turning and playing tunes.


Next Round Is On Me
All you need is the Pioneer SX 2000 tube receiver and you are good to go! I actually know a guy who has one locally and it’s looking for a new home. :D