Pioneer CT-F1250 - Rebuild the take-up motor (RMX-047 or 047A)

Hi, I have a beautiful Pioneer CT-F1250. The common problem with these 40-plus year old dinosaurs is that the take-up motors go bad with lack of use or get "dead" spot on the motor then lose torque. I know that there is limited success in rebuilding these but I thought I'd try asking here. Hit me up if you have had success or willing to give it a try. The motor is the RMX-047 or 047A. Models CT-F800/850/950/1250 all use this motor. The CT-F900 uses the RMX-038. Thanks!


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The motor needs to be "run in" with the deck it will be used in. This is because the belts and other aspects of the transport affect the "taking" of the rebuild. As stated in the rebuild thread, the voltage across the motor needs to be monitored while running the rebuild in. That way you will know when the rebuild "takes." If it does not take, you may have to go back in. Because of this, repeated shipping back and forth could be a problem. Shipping high end gear these days is a risky endeavor. Best to find someone local to you. Refer them to the rebuild thread, here:

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I can ship the entire deck, has new belts. Just need an idea of who is willing to mess with these. I have a 1000 that is starting to do the same. 72113, AR