Plans this evening?

9:00 pm is the new midnight.

I seriously have never cared much for the New Years Eve "holiday'. Always seemed forced to me, like you had to have something going on or you were a loser. At least that's how I felt when I was young. Now I could give a crap.

This year I'll have a glass of bourbon with my wife, and she'll probably have to wake me up at midnight to wish me a Happy New Year and give me a kiss.
I think I'm gonna to get tanked tonight...



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We’re just going over to our friends place, they’re in our “bubble.” Though my wife has been getting ready for over two hours ... so she’ll be ready if the virus is suddenly cured and Chicago’s fantastic nightlife opens back up before midnight.


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Netflix has a comedy thing "Death to 2020," might be the ticket

UPDATE: death to 2020 was pretty fun; anything w samuel l jackson swearing about 2020 is worth it
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I will have few beers at home with my wife this evening.
My wife enjoys drinking a few good beers with me.

My wife and I rarely go out anymore and it has nothing to do with the virus.
We enjoy staying at home especially during this time of the year.


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Knicks vs. Raptors, 7:30pm

From Tampa Bay, FL which I believe must be the first NBA regular season game ever played there. This is due to NBA teams being unable to freely cross the U.S./Canada border, so the Raptors' home games had to be moved to a U.S. city, and they chose Tampa.

And a little of this, a Christmas gift from my sister:
Saw a few post-New Year's Eve wrecks on the roads over the years, so we always tried to get in before the drunks were out in force. Past few years, a nice dinner out around 5pm (with reservation), get home by 8:30-9:00. (Or if we got a late start, we'd have a cocktail in the lounge and wait for a table.) Always home by 10:30pm.

This year, I made a roast, and I bought two small bottles of bubbly for midnight. Other than that, a routine evening here.


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We'll be doing pretty much the same thing we do every Friday night: I'll be surfing the audio forums and listening to music, and the wife will collapse while watching TV either on the sofa or in the bed by 9 p.m.
We will be inside, the outlawed fireworks will start around 11, by that time we will be done with one of these bottles.

Also, Congrats on the 40th, we celebrated ours on the 2nd.


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I hope you all had a wonderful evening all things considered. We spent it with two friends as I mentioned above. All in all kind of a surreal night. At one point my friend and I had to venture down the street, to pick up food, to what is usually one of the busiest areas of Chicago, the restaurant/bar district of Randolph Street. We walked down Randolph, now lined with tents and shelters of various types half open to the elements, filled with dressed up people in heavy coats, trying to make something of it. Went up to the restaurant we ordered from. Sat at a table by the bar while waiting for the food and decided to have a drink. You could squint and it seemed normal. And then back to their loft to bring in the year. It was a great evening actually.
It’s supposed to snow all day. Good day to think about the last year what to do differently this new one.
Happy new year to all of you here.