Please Welcome Quirk Audio to the Haven

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Having recently learned of Quirk Audios work, and their truly interesting and unique take on vintage audio, I invited him to join the Haven, and he graciously accepted. I’ve Always had a love for all aspects of vintage audio, except often, sadly, the sound. Quirk audio keeps everything I love about vintage audio, and updates or improves the areas of weakness. I look forward to learning Much more.


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thanks for the warm welcome everyone, my website has some of the projects I have worked on though I do need to update it and make it better organized- the challenge is should I work on an amp/preamp or write about it
Thrilled to have you here. I was the one who bought the Onkyo A7 that you had refurbished, which turned out to be a really special piece. I look forward to hearing more about your projects, and might have a couple to send your way at some point. Cheers!