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So buying or selling can be a breeze when dealing with a know party, but there can also be some nervousness when dealing with someone for the first time. I’m hoping to hear from positive experiences you’ve had with other fellow havenites. I’ll go first and update as I work with new persons.
If I forgot anyone, please PM me. Thanks!

@JP - a pleasure to work with; his packing was frikin amazing! And also very communicative/informative. Highly recommend!
@Redboy - great packing, very communicative. Recommended!
@S0und Dragon - item as described, had original packaging materials. Recommended!
@marantzfan - items as described. Very communicative. Also a bit of an audio enabler. ;)Recommended!
@old_borg - item as described and hand delivered! I won’t expect that on all orders though.:) Recommended!
@J-ROB - item as described. Recommended!
@Salectric - item as described, recommended!
@Tsingtao_1903 - item as described, recommended.

@marantzfan - Paid promptly. Recommend!
@old_borg - Paid promptly. Recommend!
@tronan - Paid promptly. Recommend!
@Nerdorama - Paid promptly. Recommend!
@Phillip Jeffries - Paid promptly. Recommend!
@heartattackcity - Paid promptly. Recommend!
I haven't bought anything here but I have done a few trades and also sold a bit.

Folks I've traded with:
@gable -- Excellent experience. (More on Gable later.)
@Audionut -- Another great experience. I'm pretty sure Audionut didn't really need what he traded me for, I think it was primarily done to give me a chance to mess around with some drivers I'd wanted to try. Much appreciated.
@rogerfederer -- Great experience. This one allowed me to trade two large things for one small thing, which, in my ongoing quest to downsize, was super helpful. And I got to meet a really nice guy (under less than ideal circumstances).

Folks I've sold to:

All of the above were fun transactions for me and I have absolutely zero complaints with any of the parties involved. Solid citizens, all. A lot of fun back and forth in the process, to boot. I'd also like to say that it's been a huge kick for me to see some of this stuff turn up afterward in super groovy projects posted here at HFH. And, then, later on, to even see a few of these same items being passed along to others here-- at either no profit to the seller, or at an actual loss. Guys that do stuff like this, IMO, really epitomize the spirit of this place. Well done, fellows, you know who you are. (If I've forgotten to mention anybody else I've sold to let me know and I'll chuck you onto the list.)

I've also been given a pair of drivers by gable, as I know others have been as well. For that, and a bunch of other things, I'd like to extend a special shout out to @gable. He's one of the good guys, for sure. In a big way.
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I bought a MicroTrans SUT from @Redboy. I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. Price was fair, a bit under, perhaps. Bomb-proof packing, and stellar craftsmanship.

Not to mention that the rest of my analogue front end loves it!

Thanks, Nate.

Edit: To correct an omission. I sold some gear to fiddlefye. A most satisfying experience. TY.
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First, thank you Russ.

I hope I didn't miss anyone. If a name is in here, it means I've had a great experience. No need for me to spend adjectives, that I would need to lookup to explain how awesome so many folks at the Haven are. :D

Buying and Selling:
Old Borg
Michael V
Pat McGinty
Izzy Wizzy
Steven Z
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I haven't bought anything here but I have done a few trades and also sold a bit.
Whoops, turns out I actually have bought something here, I just somehow forgot about it until now. So I'm back to correct the record. In early '22 I bought an item from @ICTWoody. And even though Woody doesn't exactly need an endorsement around here I'm giving him one anyway. Two thumbs up. He's definitely a guy you can trust.
I recently purchased some tubes from Charlie Hidalgo . They were shipped on time and definitely as described. Great seller and very friendly. Do not hesitate to buy from Charlie.
I’ve had great experiences purchasing from:

Charles Hidalgo

I’ll also mention that I’ve greatly appreciated a lot of the friendly, intelligent guidance given freely (which extends further than the list above of course). Great site and great people.
Bought a rectifier from @ralfoto. Quick communication, quick shipment, the tube was not tape-balled, it works.

What more could one ask for?