Post pictures of your listening space


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Nice. I see you went with the black top and base. I like that look. Did a little research on your desktop speakers there because I was wondering if that thing on the top was a tweeter or some kind of strange magnetic flux capacitor or something. Sure enough, tweeter. Interesting speakers.
The guy who invented them was from my home town, so I got to hear them a lot in the early 90s. Finally had the means and the opportunity to pick up a pair a couple of years ago. Completely different from my normal high-efficiency jam, but in near-field, doesn't really matter.


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This is my primary listening listening space at the moment as I work from home and we are preparing our house for sale. Ways to improve the sound? Looking at designs for desktop stands to get the tweeters closer to ear level, as well as potential benefit of eliminating reflections from the hard desktop surface. Maybe incorporate a computer monitor riser also?

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These stands were quite reasonable and they cleaned up and balanced the sound really nicely. As to a monitor riser, this was my solution. ;)