Post your avatar pic here, BIGLY!


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<--- from a time of building stone record players. simple. probably not too mentally taxing; but extremely heavy to lift.
That avatar pic is like 98% of what the image is in full size. It just doesn't fit anymore after the software swap.


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This is Spiro, our pet sparrow. He survived a 20 foot fall onto a concrete slab at 1 day old. We raised him by hand, feeding every 15 minutes or so for several weeks. Irrevocably bonded to humans, he will live here for the duration of his life, which is somewhere around 12 years in captivity.
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I think he said it ironically... or perhaps I should say, all ironical-like.

I forget where I snagged that image -- from some site, on the order of DIY HiFi (but not them) for a clock they had been selling. It may be hard to see, but the 12, 3, 6, and 9 symbols are diode, triode, tetrode, pentode.

If I ever find the full-sized image, I'll be happy to share it :o


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6FFFDBE4-36CC-46A5-A3EC-D00462C8066E.jpeg Short story; the audio bug hit me hard, thought I was a bit of a nut, typed in the word audionut and vuala! I did outfit the wireless nut box with an altec coax horn for good measure.