Postulation on the ethics of crate-diggery

John Frum

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If I found an obscure LP at a yard sale that’s quickly become a favorite both for being very, very good (with broad appeal in these parts), but also impeccably recorded and pressed...

Just if..

Would it be unethical for me to withhold that LP’s identity from Havenites until I have another copy or six?


This was Nikki.
You are, as always, free to disclose, or withhold, whatever you wish.
It's not beyond the realm of possibility, however, that one, or more, of us, might have a spare copy or two, and be possessed of a generous heart, this Christmas season.


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After years of crate digging I've found that what I think is valuable is mostly not thought to be so by others.

Besides, what ever it is, I either 1) Have at least one copy or 2) Don't have it because I don't want it.

John Frum

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Hmm... Kind of figured originally that I’d have made the post revealing the identity of the LP by now. It’s a fine line between being coy and just kind of a jerk.

Posting some pics. Do me a solid, and don’t drop the name in this thread for Google to find.


Stylistically, this album is all over the map, but anchored by AK’s unmistakably Japanese take on flamenco guitar. The recording and pressing are as good as anything coming from Columbia USA at the time. Just amazingly good stuff.
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Somebody bit! Looking forward to a review.

Wasn't me, but I did look (too late).

I'm (apparently) not a good judge of an album by its cover, I'm not sure this would have caught my eye if I was crate-diggerying.