Poway Symphony 2019-05-19 Beethoven! Beethoven!


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Poway Symphony Orchestra

May 19, 2019
sunday 4pm
Poway Center for the Performing Arts
Poway, Ca

Beethoven! Beethoven! concert
John Lo Piccolo, maestro
Benefic Piano Trio



Symphony No.7 in A major Op. 92 — Ludwig von Beethoven
I. Poco Sostenuto — Vivace
II. Allegretto
III. Presto — Assai meno presto (trip)
IV. Allegro con brio



*Triple Concerto in C minor Op. 56 — L. von Beethoven
I. Allegro
II. Largo (attaca)
III. Rondo all polacca
* tracked as two tracks, due to a lack of break points

shostakovich trio no. 2 in e minor op. 67 4th movement
dedicated to John Michael Lo Piccolo (late son of Maestro Lo Piccolo)


Recordings by Mike French
TFH — A Journey to the Impact Zone

Sennheiser MKE2002 Güde Head HRTF Stereo -> Edirol R09HR

Senn MKE2 pair as wide spaced omni pair 14’ spacing, as Boundary Layer Effect, taped tight to balcony face wall
Line Audio CM3 sub-cardioid pair as XY_90º stereo, clamped to balcony handrail, center.
Tascam DR70D 2448
All recordings from balcony first row, center.


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thank you very much.

I recorded four shows over the past week. I'm still sorting, and finishing. I finally got around to listening to the discrete two channel stereo tracks, and this one is, imho, quite a stunner.
It is done in what is referred to as the Boundary Layer Effect stereo technique; two omnidirectional mics placed in such a way as to be just barely higher than a hard boundary surface, like a rear wall of a hall, or, in this instance, tight to the hard drywall face of the balcony; outer face.
The theory is that the first incoming wave of sound impacts the hard surface layer, where it impacts that surface, and then rebounds off of it, in the first reverberant wave, room reverb cycle, or echo.
With the microphone mounted in close relation to the hard surface boundary layer, it gets excited by that first impact of sound. Then in an instantaneous, or, coincidnetally timed moment, the first reverb cycle leaves the hard boundary layer, and, re-impacts the already excited mic capsule, giving a presence boost that is somewhere around 2 or 3dB of presence boost gain.
That first reverb cycle is now furthering itself into the room, moving away from the microphone capsule, and goinf into a negative phase relationship with the mic capsule, which drastically reduces the reverberation cycle into its own decay cycle, with each subsequent cycle being less and lesss apparent.

With all of that said,... I give you this same concert in Boundary Layer Effect, pure, glorious, two channel ambient stereo recording.
This hall and this technique are magical together

Poway Symphony Orchestra Live at Senn MKE2 Boundary Layer Effect Stereo 16bit 44.1khz version on 2019-05-19 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive



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Greets all,

Poway Symphoiny Orchestra
Beethoven, Beethoven concert from May '19
My audio, and pro video...

MKE2 mod pair, spaced 14', and secured tight to hard reflective balcony face (drywall) as Boundary Layer Effect stereo

My audio, and pro video... pure acoustic concert. no pa, except spoken word.

Symphony 7 - Beethoven

Triple Concerto - Beethoven:

Shostakovich encore