Power Cords Redux


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Read @marantzfan thread, I’m considering a second pair of speakers for our new house (closing next Friday). Most interesting is the KEF LS50 wireless but they still need electricity. I may need up to 10 feet for one of the speakers using an IEC connection at the speaker end.

My wife is very supportive of my obsession with this hobby but HATES cords, not just my HiFi cords but ANY cords.
I figure DIY Is definitely the way to go. I am looking for the most flexible AC cable I can get so I can hide it against a gray carpet, maybe Belden. More flexibility with smaller gauge wire is my assumption.

Would a speaker like the KEFs require 16 gauge would 18 gauge work OK? Tweeters are driven by Class A/B at 30wpc and woofers with Class D at 200wpc. Or is something larger than 16 gauge required?


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KEF doesn’t list consumption. Most 18/3 would be good for 10A. I’m partial to EPDM rubber cables such as SJOOW types. Very flexible and stay where you put them. Not sure they make it in gray though.

These IEC connectors are great: Amazon.com


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@JP and @Wntrmute2 , thanks much. I hadn’t thought of a separate cover and just wasn’t sure what capacity was needed. I guessed 18/3 would be OK but had no idea what to choose