Put your clothes on! A naked gear thread.

Richard Austen

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My Audio Note Empress Silver mono-block amps

Could not find inside photos but very similar to the 300B Quest silvers which is one 300B per channel instead of the Empress which are 2a3 per side. Video at 1:36

Richard Austen

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Sorry - I had about 5 pages open at the same time and the title was naked gear thread but I forgot that it was under the Solid State heading.

So here goes: Rotel RB 1050 power amplifier

Cambridge Audio CD6

Cambridge Audio CXC Transport


Doghouse Riley

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My 1975 Leak 2000 tuner/amp. Well actually it's my spare. I bought both on eBay about ten years ago when tuner amps were "cheap as chips" as the vinyl "revolution" hadn't yet put the prices up. They're now going for around three times what I paid for each. It replaced a Philips 790 that had given up the ghost.

These are the rarest, the DP T-tagged final run. Only the last 50 pair were made in that facility. So about 2000-01. Japanese domestic, that’s the step down in the green box.
About 200 pair of exports were made.
NEC A-710 Integrated Amp (of all the numbers and letters to choose from, identical model number as Kyocera, go figure). The Kyocera smoooooookes this thing(and not just bc it is 100W vs. the NECs 70W)
Here is a view from the underside. Sorry no front pic.228E657D-F175-4749-A315-6683CA62F278.jpeg
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Cybernet CA-700 Integrated Amp(70 WPC). Cybernet was making stereo equipment when Kyocera bought them, then Kyocera started making stereo equipment. Unfortunately the component glued to left aluminum piece in bottom pic, also seen in first pic below left large heat sink, recently started getting suuuuuuuper hot which correlated with a speaker DC offset jump in one channel from about 20mV to about 90mV. Thus this unit is out of commission until it gets fixed. Great sounding amp though, but not as nice sounding as Kyocera A-710. 1BE7EDA3-4C8E-4806-BA69-C635400551E1.jpeg785237F6-4212-4B84-BD0E-DD17600CF580.jpeg62B9CF82-DE79-4924-AFC6-3AB3E20F18AF.jpeg