Radio Paradise

I'm a huge fan of Radio paradise, a commercial free internet radio station run by Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith. It's supported by voluntary donations, and has several stream options: standard, rock, mellow and eclectic. To be honest, the standard mix is so good and wide ranging that I hardly need listen to anything else (including my own music, much of the time).

The listening quality is truly excellent, Bill caters for audiophiles and streams in superb quality, up to CD quality FLAC. Even the lower resolution streams stand up, especially when out and about, they don't add dynamic compression as a general rule. The mobile apps are superb as well, I can download hours (days, even) of RP In advance. I can skip forward through tracks I don't like too.

Having messed with Tidal etc, I've now settled down with RP (and make a monthly donation) as my preferred streaming choice. I just like good radio, I guess, and a good DJ is like a curator or a guide that makes the experience better.

I expect most here know an about it, but perhaps one of two will discover something new!



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Agree; fantastic music listening option! I spend several hours a week listening to RadioParadise - live streaming through the main stereo or via a smartphone to in-ear phones, an external speaker or the via the analog jack in the car. The download option on the phone is killer; hours of FLAC you can download on home wifi to be played later anywhere. All well curated, diverse streams that just seem to work; perfect 'radio' for me and if a track I don't care for comes up, a simple click skips it and gets me back (that click isn't needed very often though!).

It's also become one of my main sources for finding new music (along with Tidal playlists) - wouldn't want to be without it, which is why I am also a subscriber.


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I agree with everything you've said. I have RP streaming nearly everyday, all day. It's been good for me, in the regard that I don't buy music that's unfamiliar, and RP has turned me onto music I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise.


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RadioParadise smartphone app. I put a large SDcard in the phone to store streams, the app lets you select the stream you want, how many hours you'd like to download and the quality. You can set it to download 'quality' based on your connection - I only download when attached to wifi. In the player, you select which stream you want to play (with pause & skip buttons, album cover and track name while playing) and as you use the stream it is depleted, so they eventually go away out of memory.

Downsides? Sure - its a phone - and I don't think you can route playback output as digital through an OTG USB cable to and external DAC while using this (or Tidal's) download app - I believe you need USB audio player pro to do that, which doesn't work with RadioParadise. This isn't such a big deal for me because I only bother with downloading streams when I want them available in something portable, so I moved to a phone with very good analog output on a regular stereo jack.

I usually have 10s of hours of streams on the phone and the one-and-done nature of these make for always fresh mixes - and I love their mixes. I don't know that the FLAC streams make that big a difference over the high-bitrate mp3 streams (which probably make more sense) but with temporary SD card storage and wifi downloading, why not? This phone (LG G7 thin-q) does sound damn good through decent headphones and even patched into the big stereo - it seems to have a very good internal DAC.


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Thanks for this. Good info.

I do download Tidal tracks/albums to my phone and playback with USB audio player pro via OTG on occasion. Mostly though I'm using bluetooth in the car. I'll test that out with a downloaded RP stream.
Yes, the mobile app is superb. Download whatever stream you prefer in advance, days of it if you like. Play, skip tracks, cast to a cast device, or a bluetooth receiver... It's all great.

Or, load the steam links into your hifi renderer or player app (like Bubbleupnp). The FLAC stream honestly seems better than Tidal was in terms of quality.

The music selection is really very, very good. They have cost me a fortune over the years...


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I just got turned onto Radio Paradise from another thread and I am loving the main stream (standard mix). So varied with a wide range of styles and artists. I am being introduced to many artists that i have never heard of before that I'm going to check out further, as well as tunes that I have not heard before from familiar artists . Just now I am hearing a familiar tune, White Rabbit, from a singer I have never heard of before, Emiliana Rabbit. So good.