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Sold RCA LC1A/LC1B Speakers and RCA MI-9354 Amplifiers LOCAL PICKUP in Dallas, TX

Has Been Sold
UPDATE - Sold to a local Haven member. Thank you for everyone's interest and positive feedback. I appreciate the solid community here and as promised, I've donated 5% of the proceeds to HiFiHaven to help maintain the site. It was wonderful meeting the local Havenite buyer; he's a great guy with similar interests and just a wealth of knowledge and experience with vintage audio. I'm very happy these went to a great home where they will be appreciated and used to their fullest abilities. Wonderful to meet someone with such similar interests! Looking forward to many future listening sessions.

Hi all,

I have a pair of RCA vintage speakers (LC1A/LC1B) and a pair of RCA monoblock amplifiers (MI-9354) for sale in Dallas, TX. I wanted to make this available to HifiHaven members first as I’ve gained so much information from everyone here. These will be sold together and unfortunately only available for local pickup. I’ve priced it in a way, I believe you get either the speakers or the amplifiers for free. These were purchased from a local recording studio in DFW that specializes in vintage gear and records predominately using 1940-1960’s analog equipment (Pultec, Collins, Lang, Langevin, Neumann, Studer, etc.). The recording studio produced albums for several famous artists including a recent one that got a Grammy nominee and was certified Gold in the USA.

RCA LC1A/LC1B – I believe the speakers are all original. They sound identical even though one is 1A and the other is 1B. The cabinets are pretty beat up with large deep scratches and a crack per the pictures. Speaker stands were broken when I received them and thrown out. The drivers themselves are in good shape with no depressed humps and the butterfly tweeters intact. Since acquiring a couple of years ago, I haven’t listened to these very much, but I do remember they sound fantastic with a variety of low-powered single-ended amplifiers. Each cabinet weighs about +50 pounds (with drivers). Speaker stands in the picture are not included.

RCA MI-9354 – After purchasing, these were combed over by a vintage audio specialist and considered in good operating condition. They are currently wired with grounded electrical plugs and RCA input jacks. These amps only have 16ohm taps. NOS tubes were installed after the purchase with 8x RCA 6L6GA, 4x RCA 5U4G, and 2x RCA 874 and have only gotten about 10 hours of use. These have a good vintage sound but I believe both the highs and the lows are rolled off. I believe these are dated 1930-1940’s. Rack, Casters, and RCA sign included – entire rack weighs 80-90 pounds.

$3,000 for the pair of RCA speakers and pair of RCA amplifiers. Will not separate.

Let me know if anyone is interested. I’ll likely list them on the more heavily trafficked commercial sites in about a week or so if I don’t get any interest. I would love to keep them but my wife wants them out of our dining room. I’m flexible on payment options (PayPal, etc.) but local pickup is a must.

Thank you.


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Thought about it for all but 10 seconds. Timing is everything...... now that’s an amp rack!
Thank you for your interest, everyone. Given this is a local pick-up, I will knock the cost of gas off the asking price. I would like these to go to a good home where they get used and are properly taken care of.
I greatly respect that you’d like to keep everything together and find a good home for them. Good luck with the sale.
Would you, please ask Lucy to start an Audioholic Boot Camp for Wives? I’d send mine if she could be trained to be an enabler too. 👍
I'll do my best but when they come don't blame me if all your pay checks go to record stores and hifi shops 🤣

PS I just showed this thread to Lucy, she started lusting over this gear immediately.
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Wow, what a cool offering. I really hope someone hits the road and loads this system up. One will not find something like this again for such a good value any time soon.