Re-think and re-imagine the 1505 multicellular horn.

I am very curious about the price for the ISO 1505. Seems my Altec 1005 and 803c mulitcells will leave me soon.
My 288c, 802 or 806 are waiting for a new partner. :-)
Price for the ISO 1505 is still unknown. The design has just been modified to make fabrication easier. But, had to add a few parts and features. The throat is now bolted to the horn body. Add costs. But, welding of the horn body and the throat mount should be much easier. Also, you can swap the throat adapters to 1.4" or 2" drivers at any time.


IMHO, having now heard the one prototype ISO 1505, even with all the fabrication short comings, it's detailed and with huge sound stage. Still, my goal is to make pricing compatible with existing wooden 1505 horns.
Bolted throat makes a lot of sense.

Maybe you can change to a brass throat then instead?

I remember Altec offered once the possibilitiy to choose between a welded brass and a welded aluminium throats. Sonically the brass adapters seem to be the prefered ones.

I do play trumped and on trumpets - which is nothing else than a horn - the first inches after the mouthpiece are most responsible for good sound.

Maybe you should give it a try with a prototype.
After the first samples built using "soft" tools, I've decided to make "hard" tools for the next set of samples. Instead of using standard shop tools, dedicated forming dies were made to form the cell sides. The geometries of the isosceles trapezoid design is such that the cell sides curve front to back and side to side.


The forming tools.


Looking forward to receiving another set of samples.
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