Redboy’s garage gets an Easter upgrade

Well, the fancy Marantz is gone. You guys wouldn't believe what these things are selling for these days!

I did take some pics for posterity... and the ebay listing. :)

Nice photos do wonders for a listing... congrats on the sale!

This money going to Mr. Slagle?


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If I had one of those, and I tried to sell it -- I'd struggle to get twenny bucks.
Just sayin'.

Salesmanship* is not my forte**.

* or salespersonship, if one prefers.

** as opposed to


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"I had no idea," as they say. I have a 2238B in a wood case in the basement here. Probably less desirable than yours, but those prices do get a fella wonderin' . . .
I’ve seen them creep up steadily; 10-20/watt depending on condition and of they have a case.


Nice photos do wonders for a listing... congrats on the sale!

This money going to Mr. Slagle?
Photos are an important part of the description. I'd still like to improve my photography skills but the iPhone is all the camera gear I'm willing to buy, for now. :)

Yeah, this is trafocash.


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There's a 2270 receiver locally that's listed for almost $2K. Maybe there's a market for it, but from my perspective that's crazy money.
I have the 2325 in my living room setup and it’s great. I replaced a 2252 with it. It pushes the Cornwalls and is easy for just Turning on and entertaining, streaming music via Bluesound Node2i.

I think because of the mid century look these things really sell like hot cakes. I bought the 2252 in non working condition 6 years ago, paid a tech to bring it back up to spec and just sold it last year for more than I paid for it all in at a $650 sale price. Same with the 2325, I paid $700 for it and put $400 into it with new caps, LEDs, and new feet. They routinely sell over $1900. The 2325 was Marantz’s top on the line in the day with Dolby. I think the Dolby sorta sucks on it to be honest, but they look cool, sound great and are simple to use.

I also got a a Marantz PM-8 which was the last line of amps that Marantz made in Japan before the they went to pot.
The PM-8 sounds fantastic and is able to accommodate MC and MM carts which is cool too, although I have yet to use that functionality. Not many of these made it over here, so I’ve had people tell me that these in good shape these go upwards of $2500.

Marantz amps definitely started my journey into Hifi and I still have most of them, just not in a critical listening space, while great and aesthetically pleasing, I certainly don’t think they are worth the money they are commanding now, but also have a very HIGH partner acceptance for living areas, and I bet that plays a big factor in prices going up.

sorry didn’t mean to threadjack.