Sold "Redboy" Altec / Peerless 4722 SUT - $600

Has Been Sold
For sale is a Step up transformer for moving coil cartridges using Altec / Peerless 4722 transformers I had made for me by master SUT maker and all-around nice guy "Redboy". Two switches, one on top for changing between 1/18 gain and 1/36, one by the binding posts for ground lift. I used it with Denon Dl-103 and 103r's for which it worked beautifully. I also used it with a Hana EL briefly for which is shouldn't be ideal (supposedly prefer 1/10) and it still sounded damn good. Only selling because I bought a preamplifier which has built in MC capabilities, in fact this will probably join the list of items which I regret selling....but that's just how I roll. I'll include the short length of Western Electric RCA's pictured that I used to connect the SUT to my previous preamp. I'll cover shipping within the CONUS, payment by Paypal Friends/Family or other similar no fee methods.

I am really not all that technically savvy so questions of things like reflected impedance and such will either be met with answers of "Umm, It sounded good" or "I might be able to put you in touch with someone who could answer that question".

pictures of the internals of my unit can be found here:

I've never opened up mine after getting it, so it should like exactly the same as in those pictures.

Thanks for looking, happy to answer questions (with the above caveats)


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Oh, there are a couple things (tubes) I'm looking for in trade with cash in either direction if needed

Tung sol round plate 6f8g
Western electric 350b's
Valvo blue label 6201
Neotron smoked glass round plate 6sn7's