Remember @Danʕ•ᴥ•ʔ's "boring little system"? Here's an amusing (?) corollary


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Some time back, it may be recalled :) -- @Dan ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ rebooted a pair of CSW Model Six enclosures to excellent effect.

Dan H SDH6 speaker from hifihaven.png

So... (hang on & bear with me, this may get a wee bit convoluted)...

Our son and his long-time partner took advantage of the year of COVID (and her desire to buy a house) and eloped last fall, down in Virginia!
We're looking forward to getting down to see them sometime later this year (Mrs. H is all vaccinated and I am halfway there; as, now, are they).
Our son mentioned recently that he'd kind of appreciate a pair of loudspeakers that will fit into the house (i.e., not too big), which put me on the quest!

I've perused a bunch of the usual suspects that are "in stock" here ;) and I settled pretty quickly on a stock pair of CSW Model Six in black that I picked up some years back at a charity fleamarket. This pair has not had the XO "upgrade" that was published in audioXpress 'way back in 2001*, but they still sound good and they're also quite sensitive, which is ideal for the application at hand.

Now, here's the weird, synchronicity-ish part. Since I know "the kids" are looking for smaller speakers, I looked for the CSW Six specs online to find the dimensions. I did finally find them, but, manifesting my Germanic patience ;) I had already measured the pair we have. I came up with 7-1/4" x 11-1/4" x 18-1/4". Subsequently, I found a "test" (Julian Hirsch, baby!) of the CSW6 in Stereo Review
Julian's ruler and mine were apparently calibrated to the same reference standard. :)

CSW Six test SR Oct 1993 screenshot.jpg

OK, here it comes... the Point**.

Today on some other forum, I happened to see a post mentioning the Humanspeakers Human 81 loudspeaker Model 81 as a good, modern "budget" speaker choice. Well, $600 as a 'budget' price point could be debated ;) but my eyes were drawn to two things when I looked at that link.
1) The dimensions were awfully familiar
2) The cosmetics were awfully familiar, too.

Human 81 speaker.jpg

Looking back at Dan's post (referenced way, way back a the beginning of this tale), I note that he'd acquired his CSW Six cabinets inexpensively when CSW moved their production offshore (and, apparently, still had a passel of already-made cabinets hangin' around in Massachusetts). So... I am thinking that ol' Huy Powell (propreitor of Humanspeakers) musta picked up a bunch of 'em, too. :)

It's a funny old world.
* I bought a pair of CSW Sixes (during one of the many sales CSW would have on them) back in 2002 when our daughter matriculated into college. That pair received the XO remodeling, which did make a difference, to my ear, in "transparency" vs. the stock XO... but the plain vanilla Six sounds good for its size and its sale price BITD.

oops, wrong The Point. ;)