Rhode Island (Zip 02885) FS: Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rod Speakers with Real Cherry Wood Veneer

From this link (pics in link). https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/thre...peakers-with-real-cherry-wood-veneer.1085547/

"Beautiful Handmade Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rod Speakers with Real Cherry Wood Veneer - $400
For pick up or delivery within 50 miles of 02885

I listed these for sale about a year and a half ago but decided to keep them. They've been sitting in a closet in my apartment since then. They are too big for my current listening environment and I just don't need them. I hope I can pass them on to a fellow local music lover at a great price. Here's what I said back then (all of which still applies):

I love these speakers and they are hard to part with. D-I-V-O-R-C-E has forced my hand as I won't have room for these in my new accommodations. They work perfectly and sound beautiful. Back around 2000, I auditioned dozens of speakers in the $1.5K and under range (B&W, Paradigm, NHT, Vienna Acoustics, Epos, Focal, PSB, etc.). While all the speakers had attractive qualities, I felt the Meadowlarks represented the best balance of virtues and deficits in that price category. I've lived with them happily for the last 20 years without so much as a thought of upgrading. They sound as good now as the day I bought them. I changed everything else in my system numerous times, but NEVER these!

Looks also helped sell me on these speakers they are beautiful and really were handmade and brilliantly constructed with their high-quality, time-aligned drivers, first-order crossover, and folded transmission line. Unfortunately, it is because of the folded transmission line that I need to sell. These birds need space to sing and I am moving to a much smaller living space. Condition is VG, but these still look beautiful. There are a couple of minor dings to the veneer and one place on top of one speaker where there is a chip (pictured). Speaker grills (or "socks") have some catches on them (most prefer to run these without them anyway). I am the original owner and these were used exclusively in a smoke-free household. Original boxes and packing materials included.

The Kestrels received uniformly positive reviews from both critics and customers. Here are a few: Soundstage Review, Listener Review, User Reviews at AudioReview.com, User Review at Audiogon.com.

These are heavy beasts and I don't want to ship them. You can pick them up from me, or I am willing to deliver or meet you halfway within 50 miles of zip code 02885."