RoadDawgWest's Listening Room/System

I discovered Hi Fi Haven just over 1-year ago when I found the Rip SACD with a Blu-ray player thread. Although I posted in that thread after registering and a few others over the past year, mainly Today's Jazz Playlist, I never formally introduced myself or shared my system.

Here is where I go to listen and relax, along with some of my vinyl collection.


The system:
Speakers are Legacy Whispers with Wavelet room correction processor. Amplifiers are McIntosh MC601 monoblocks or a McIntosh MC2102 stereo amplifier during the short winter months. All sources feed a McIntosh C2300 preamplifier.

Sources include a TW-acustic Raven One turntable with a Dynavector 507Mkii and Graham Phantom tonearm. Cartridges are either the Dynavector XV1s or Lyra Kleos for stereo and an Ortofon Cadenza Black mono running through either the Balanced Audio Technologies BATVKP10 phono stage or the built-in phono stages in the C2300 preamplifier. Tape sources are the Otari MTR15 1/4" 2-track and Technics RS1500 1/4" 2/4-track. Digital playback is via a Mac mini running roon via a Grace Design M920 DAC or Lynx Aurora 8 ADC/DAC.



I listen to all genres of music, but most of the time, I listen to jazz.

I've been an enthusiast, from the first time I heard my father's system consisting of Yamaha CA2010 Integrated, ADS 910 Speakers, Sony TC758 Reel-to-Reel, and Bang & Olufsen turntable.
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Wow. I once asked about the turntable in some of your photos, and figured there'd be a pretty substantial system behind them. I was right !
Whoever came up with name “Whispers” for your speakers has a good sense of humor. They even look LOUD!
I asked Bill Dudleston about the name many years ago. He said the name came from a conversation he had with another equipment designer. A designer couldn't say their design was successful until the speaker virtually portrayed the warm breath of a female singer whispering softly in the listener's left ear.

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Nice! Whispers here too.
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