SACDs ripped to DSF, convert to what to play?

I am using an OPPO 103D player and SACDExtractGUI to rip my SACDs to stereo DSF. My system consists of a Meridian Explorer DAC hooked to a Mac Mini and and Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver. The Meridian Explorer DAC has the follow specs
Input resolutions supported: Up to 24-bit/192kHz (44.1/48/88/96/176/192kHz)

I am thinking I need to now convert the DSF files to some other format/resolution to play them. If so, what format, what resolution, and how do I make this conversion? Obviously I am hoping to maintain all the high resolution that an SACD gives me. I am using Roon as my playback software
I just pointed Roon to the folder where I ripped my first SACD to DSF format and it just plays!! I kept thinking that my DAC might be an issue. When I look under the Signal Path in Roon, I see

Signal Path: High Quality
Source - DSF DSD64 2ch
DSD to PCM Conversion - DSD64 to 352.8kHz PCM
Sample Rate Conversion - 352.8kHz to 176.4kHz
Bit Depth Conversion - 64bit Float to 24bit
MacMiniOld - Roon Advanced Audio Transport
Meridian Explorer - CoreAudio Exclusive Mode

Would a new DAC be in order the sample rate conversion would not happen? Would a new DAC also prevent Bit Depth Conversion?


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Roon is great software and good at conversion - looks like you are there already, enjoy!

The Meridian is a PCM only DAC and you might find that the current Roon settings are just right for it. A DAC that does a good job playing native DSD can be an amazing thing with those dsf rips and that is where I've ended up, but it's certainly not a given that it's 'better' - maybe just a little different. Lot's of variables around this stuff and DSD vs. PCM is just one of them.