Sansui AU 2900 vs. 3900? 5900? Other?


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For my home "office" I have a nifty little system with the AU 2900 (17W side) and some no-name two way speakers. I should open them up and see what is inside but I think the woofer is a KEF driver which is probably why I picked them up sometime in the last century. Music source is a server with most of my CD collection on it. I also have but am not currently using a cool Dual TT, NAD C 521BEE CD player (apparently one of worst sounding players they made) and a very old Assemblage DAC.

Pretty happy with the set up using the loudness switch on the AU 2900 (satisfying base) except that everything sounds about the same. Brighter than the sun CDs sound fine but are unplayable on my main system. Assemblage DAC in the system or out of the system, not much of a difference. I think I can live with this since it's playing when I am trying t concentrate on work but obviously I can improve things.

I've been doing some research, lots of good recommendations on the internet but who knows for sure?

Is the 3900 a step up? Any recommendations for better bookshelf speakers?

I want to keep things small, no monster sized components due to space limitations. I don't even have room for speaker stands!

I know what you'll ask "what is your budget". I don't know, let's say $1,000.00. I'd like it to be less but I could be tempted to spend more. :D Probably used would be the best bang for my buck.
-well - first off change out the "apparently one of the worst sounding cd player" !
-hard to comment on no-name speakers - but some decent used good-name speakers should provide improvement. in the realm of vintage: jbl, dynaco, klipsch, klh, advent etc provide good bang for the buck. the large advents sound great in my system, and are a steal at today's prices. others may chime in with modern suggestions
-imho - improvements going up the food chain from the 2900 would be minor - and the amp is not the weak link in your system by any means.
-if after cd player/dac and speakers there is any budget left over - look at some schiit components. schiit could also be your dac.

please keep us posted on how you end up going.


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That is good news about the Sansui amp - low power is fine for the home office system. Besides who can work if the walls are shaking? :dance

A DAC for the music server is a great idea! I don't use the CD player unless there is something that I forgot to rip.

I had New Large Advents once but gave them away to a deserving friend.