Schiit Freya Impressions

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I'm been looking at the Schiit Freya as a nice match for my new Meadowlarks, but the online impressions seem all over the place.

As a few folks around here seem to have some experience with them, I'd love to get your thoughts and impressions.

Also, what tubes did you use and how did you like them?


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So far it’s been overwhelmingly positive on my end and this unit has me looking at 300b amps, along with Schiit’s two solid state amps (Vidar & Aegir) to see what I’ve really been missing. Is the unit perfect? No. Does it check off 90% of most people’s boxes at a steal of a price? Yes!
It is very well built and has very little going against it. If these next items don’t bother you, then the Freya is all upside and a no brainer:
1. The power toggle switch is on the back. If you have the preamp sitting in an open area or large cubby then it’s easily accessible and a non-issue.
2. The volume control makes a static/clicking noise as you turn the knob. It has actually grown on me (most people think it’s pretty cool too).
3. Tubes need to be inserted wether you run it in passive or active modes. Octal LISST inserts are available to eliminate tube waste worries.

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I spent a short while with one as well. I believe it is the one that @Audionut is now running. For the price I thought it an absolute gem. I passed it along because I chose to give my Juicy Music Peach a makeover. That turned out to be a gamble I lost. In retrospect, the Freya should have stayed put.

I agree that the Freya gets you astonishingly close to the musicality I look for in a tube pre. The Fet stage is pretty good but can be a little edgy with some cable combinations. It did not take well to my DH Labs cables but did great with the Star quad and Zu cables I had. The above mentioned quirks are features that are built in. You either accept them or you don’t. For the Price of the Freya, I have no complaints and would front a system with one again.

I would also gladly have one as a back up pre amp. It played very well with all the amps I had here at the time. I really feel that I was a tube roll away from finding the right (for me) combination of sound characteristics that would have made it a keeper. If I can offer any advice. Splurge on the upgraded remote, the stock one is a bit shabby. And get a hold of decent tubes while they are available and affordable.


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If I were in the market I'd look seriously at one of these, but possibly more closely at the Mapletree Audio Ultra 4C or Line 2C preamps. I had the 2C RM and still kick myself for letting it go.


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Always wanted to try out his creations.
The Dr behind their designs is a genius. The performance of the 2C was awesome paired with my Benchmark AHB2 and dead quiet during operation. Glorious glorious sound was made with that preamp in the chain, even when I had it hooked directly up to my cheapo Indeed Hifi TDA7498E int amp.


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I don´t understand why the Schiit people found it necessary to appropriate names from our Norse mythology for their wares. Since they are apparently in Southern California, I can´t see any obvious connection. There is a misspelt Norwegian mountain in the line up too.
I can’t get past the bad scat-pun attempts at humor long enough to get annoyed by anything they’ve done to Scandinavian lore.


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Be interested in your impressions.

Nice thing is that you are not stuck with it if it doesn't cut the mustard in your system.
I agree, the resale market is hot! They don’t last long and hardly come up. I’m trying to buy a used or scratch & dent SS amp on their site but nothing yet. Will likely buy new this weekend.....oh and a remote as my dog ate the original plastic one!:confused: