Schiit Yggy - Garage Stock

I just bought a Schiit Yggy off of the 'gon and was awaiting its arrival before I thought I'd share my opinions...

But as I was looking on their website for a headphone amp to go with my modi multibit that will be going on headphone PC duty I noticed they were selling a "Garage version" of the Yggy. This is using the first version of the analog card and the older USB card. - $1600. Seems like an excellent deal and while I'm not kicking myself for buying it used it seemed like something worth mentioning here since I know people really like this DAC and this seems like quite a discount, albeit for an older version.

I too own a (I call it a) JggyB (it's WAY easier to remember and spell) and also bought it used in it's 'A' version (the original analog and USB cards) and have since had it up graded to the 'B' version.

The biggest deficiency with the 'A' version was a smearing of mush in the extreme bottom end , from say ≈40Hz down to ≈10Hz.
This was greatly improved with the 'B' version, along with several other design tweaks.
There were a few other smaller SQ improvements such as slightly better focus and low level detail improvements etc.

There is a recent USB upgrade that does make a substantial improvement as well.
It brings USB up to and perhaps slightly 'better' than SPDIF/AES depending upon what source is being used.

My eval. is based upon some of my and other observations (especially the USB change).

While I haven't opted for this most recent (Unison) USB upgrade, I did go for the previous USB input card upgrade and at the time it did make a noticeable and welcomed improvement in SQ.
But since I use a majorly tweaked AOIP setup, which is just immediately and obviously 'better' than anything I have ever heard or even heard about from those who's ears I trust, the motivation to get the latest USB card is lacking.

However if USB is your digital audio path of choice, I'd suggest that the Unison USB upgrade is a definite step up.
They actually wrote their own USB receiver s/w optimized for digital audio and it, when added to the rest of their digital tricks up their sleeve, makes for a substantial step up in SQ.

Just a few observations aka my ¢2.5…