Shindo”ish” style cabinets

charles hidalgo

Not a nobody
Those Townshend supertweeters are the real deal! I wish I’d kept the ones I had.

And I’m gonna say it now... I love your new cabinets! No funky legs! :)
Thanks and yes the legs were not going to be part of this project from day one. These are the best cabinets I have ever had a 604 or similar installed in. They sit where they are told, roll with a few fingers for moving when needed, and thats really nice as the weigh around 190 pounds a piece.
Very nice looking cabinets!

The problem with Rick is that he just doesnt "get" the high efficiency speaker "sound". His philosophy is: why bother, just get a Solid State amp. That doesnt mean he cant design a proper xover though... I guess.
And yet for some very experienced GPA 604-8H-III users, who have tried a wide range of crossovers, the Rick Craig crossovers consistently come out at the top of the heap. I can't recall anyone who has implemented them preferring a different crossover design, but sure, such people will exist as nothing will be all things to all people.
One of the benefits of the skirt trim at the bottom besides covering the wheels is they will take a majority of the bumps and bruises on the corners and edges over time. It is something my old furniture making woodworker buddy told me was a strategy they used quite a bit actually. Easy to replace or repair the skirt compared to an actual corner of the cabinet.