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Show us your Cell Phone Pics!

Some of you musical types might find this interesting. Sorry for the weird angles, but I was at the table pointing the phone at the ceiling using a wide-angle setting.







There are a handful of HopCats in Michigan, one or two in neighboring states....and this one, all the way out in Cornhusker territory, (Lincoln, NE.) The second to last photo was from last May when I met a good friend here for dinner. All the rest were a week ago Saturday, obviously a game night. I haven't been all that fond of Nebraska but am actually growing to like Lincoln and parts of Omaha quite a bit.
I miss having a fireplace in the house. I agree though--as much as I like having a real fireplace with wood, just the ability to turn it on and enjoy makes it a lot more attractive. Our condo in Santa Fe had a small fireplace and I used it every night.
Didn't see a food-related thread, so I'll just leave this gluten-free pizza right here...


I've had great luck with the King Arthur "00" gluten-free pizza flour. Very easy to prepare and my better half can have pizza again. (We've tried a few local pizza places but she's gotten sick on them...not so much from the gluten but from whatever else in those pizzas has irritated her stomach.)

Not-quite-so-gluten-free for mine. We only use turkey bacon as pepperoni, ham, etc. irritates both of our digestive tracks. (Yeah, getting old sux!)


A rare evening, once a month, we'll both have carbs like this. This was our November allotment. 😁 Now I need to eat salads and veggies for a few days to detox!
From last week. Musically not my cup of tea, but thought some of my online pals would get this. 😁



Also, something about rock and roll all night, and pinball every day?



Did I play either one? Nope. I suck. And there are other machines nearby that will give you two plays for a quarter vs. a dollar a pop with these. It was nice visiting here with the summer crowds gone, and all the pinball machines repaired from a summer of hard use.