FS Silbatone Bae Cabinets for 755’s

For Sale
For sale is one of my many creations I have done over the years. I took the Silbatone design and Jazzed it up to be more pleasing to the eye. They are built using Baltic birch like the original design except I had to change one of the dimension by 3/4” but I added extra in another dimension so the internal volume is the same like the original Bae. Walnut veneer was applied to the cabinet along with a Satin Hardwax Oil finish. The grills are removable. I probably have about 30hrs of work into these cabinets between construction and design. I loved these cabinets but I have unforeseen Pet expenses and I can always build another pair later one.

Price: $1000 shipped

Local NYC tri-state area sale would be preferred but I will ship them.


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I own a pair of these and they are amazing, the attention to detail that John puts into his work is second to none.
Whoever buys these will be very happy and lucky to own them.


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Very well done! I really like this design and have not written off building 32/414/802’s for that reason…but this is a great option to use that same cabinet design too!