simple digital pocket camera?


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does anyone have, or know of, a digital pocket camera that is heavy on the lens/photo quality and light on multiple menus and features? looking for one which fits into most pockets, about the height and width of a cell phone. simplicity is the key.

my lumix dmc-zs50 is the right quality and size, but too complex on the menus/features/options and thus a pita to operate.

thanks in advance for any leads.

Doghouse Riley

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Can't help you there I've a Lumix DMC TZ 60 and I'd agree about the features.
I set mine on "Intelligent Auto" and let it do the rest. It seems to work out OK.
I have managed to set the video on the highest resolution, but all the other settings I leave alone apart from "flash or no flash."
I always thought that the point of having a sophisticated digital camera was that it should be doing all the work.

I'm digressing here, but it might amuse.
Back in my late teens an attractive Armenian girl,..well woman... in her late twenties worked in the same office. She was going on holiday with a girlfriend and her father had just bought her a new Voigtlander Vito B. (that tells you how long ago it was). She wasn't very technically minded and asked me how to set the camera. I went through all the settings with her, not that in those days there were that many, but she couldn't grasp them. So in the end I set the controls to take an all round reasonable photo, then wrapped Sellotape around them so that they wouldn't move. When she came back she showed me the photos it had taken, they'd come out well, a lot of them were of her in a tiny a bikini.
Thinking back, she might have been trying to tell me something, but maybe that is just wishful thinking.


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Search Fuji on this site. I recall there were a couple of members that raved a about theirs.


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I had a LUMIX for a while and thought the pics were fantastic. BUT I didn’t futz with the settings much.