"Skipfest" 2021 - Oct 16 in Arlington, TX


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I'm hoping to have some pictures up soon to show the different setups, as well as the incredible Ford F150 Shelby Super Snake that showed up. I want to thank Gavin for dropping by for the few hours he was here. I think he had a good time and hope he got some good food while he was here.

Gavin was one of the late attenders and due to that, he got to hear me switch a cable in the main system - same cable design - and hear the difference. The one that was in was low hours while I swapped it for one that had been in the system playing for months but had been moved to another system. The difference was immediately noticeable and smoothed out some issues the low hour cable was presenting. It is things like that which are fun to experience at events like this.
Thanks again for hosting! It was really great hearing your systems. As I said Saturday, the Rossi speakers have incredibly well-designed crossovers - they get to a lot of the coherency that I value in my system while being able to do all that magical imaging stuff.

I don't recall what cables you had in place, but the switch between the two cured the midrange presence. Good move on your part.