Sold - Abbas Dac 2.1


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NOS tube Dac TD1541a, output is 4-volts. This is decent Dac similar to the Orchid. It can be upgraded. There are two boards in it and the output board can be upgraded.

Tubes: 6N6P, 6J9P=E180F=6688, 6H2P=EAA91=6AL5 and an EZ80 rectifier. The included 6N6P shown below is a Pearl Cryo OTK from Parts Connexion.

Abbas's website: Abbasaudio — Официальный сайт he can be contacted about upgrades and his English is excellent, probably better than mine.

I paid $900 + shipping from Ukraine. BTW, Ukraine has a good postal system with tracking. Asking $500 plus actual shipping and will include extra tubes.
I changed the coupling caps to Audio Cap Theta. It came with Sprague poly caps.


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What's it look like. No photos of it from front etc.
I'm Ukrainian in heritage so this is something I should keep an eye on!