Sold: Aerial Acoustic 10T MkII.

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I purchased them from AK BT about a two years ago and have enjoyed these speakers immensely! They have been the best pair of speakers here at the Dragon den bar none upto now. But a desire to go in another direction means that they are up for sale. They will be missed for sure. They are an absolute gem, offering audio sound quality and a reasonable footprint. This was Mike Kelly's TOTL speaker in 1996 when it won Stereophile's speaker of the year!
Here is one review:
Aerial Acoustics 10T loudspeaker
I had an E-mail exchange with Michael Kelly a while back, When seeing if they needed any recapping. He replied:

Hello Ron,

I'm glad you like your 10Ts so much.
The drivers should go on without deterioration. If you blow one we will always continue to stock all of the original custom made drivers.
The networks simply don't fail. We used very good French metabolized polypropylene film capacitors in all the acoustically critical midrange and tweeter positions. This type of capacitor ages very very slowly so you should not need to do anything there either. Other manufacturers may use electrolytics in these poitions which do age. Just enjoy your 10Ts. If you blow something we will continue to stock all parts. If you have cosmetic problems with the heads, we stock new heads. It is better to replace the head than trying to repair them. They used to be $800 but are now $400. You can transfer the drivers to a new head easily in the field.

Being a MKII, these have upgraded crossovers and the improved Novalith cast synthetic stone head material for the tweeter/midrange module, which does not have the hair-line cracking problem of the MKI experienced. The swiveling head is in perfect condition. The bass cabinets are finished in the highly desirable Rosewood veneer finish. Each speaker has a cosmetic repair to the veneer on one corner. One is barely noticeable, and both are cosmetic only. This pair also comes with custom made stands, which are mounted on heavy duty furniture grade casters, which really help with positioning these speakers. They are bi-ampable, and come with top quality drivers.

I have the original boxes, but I will not to ship as these as they tip the scales at 200 pounds and would require a pallet and freight carrier. I am Located in Valley Stream on long Island and would consider a carefully prepared demo if it was required for the sale. My preference is for pick up from the driveway. I would be willing to deliver them in the Tri-State area for the cost of gas! Those that have dealt with me know how far I go to ensure a happy outcome.

These come up very rarely, so don't miss out on these exceptional speakers! If you require more pictures or a facetime or video chat tour of the speakers, feel free to reach out. These are seriously fine speakers and deserve a good home!

More details:
Description: Three-way, floor standing, dynamic loudspeaker with reflex-loaded bass cabinet and separate tweeter/midrange module. Drive-units: 1" titanium-dome tweeter, 5.3" (136mm) dual Kevlar/epoxy-laminated-cone midrange unit, and 10.7" (271mm) bilaminate composite-cone woofer. Crossover frequencies: 360Hz, 2.7kHz. Crossover slopes: fourth-order, 24dB/octave, acoustic Linkwitz-Riley. Frequency response: 28Hz-20kHz, -2dB, -6dB at 23 Hz. Sensitivity: 86dB/W/m (2.83V). Nominal impedance: 4 ohms, 3 ohms minimum. Amplifier requirements: 50W minimum, >100W recommended.
Dimensions: 41.5" H by 13.75" W by 19" D. Shipping weight: 190 lbs (shipped in three boxes).
Aerial Acoustics 10T loudspeaker

Offered here for $2000. I am always negotiable and will entertain fair and reasonable offers.


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