SOLD Altec 802-8G with original light diaphragms


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Up for sale are my Altec 802-8g with the original light diaphragms and tangerine phase plug for best high frequency from an Altec 802.

$475 + shipping. I will triple box these so they will arrive safely and not knock around at all during shipping!FB87DA1D-6B4F-45C6-B6E4-277BC970D55A.jpegF8F59F35-5988-49F9-BFE9-8C7CD0E3F0A4.jpeg678E46AF-2325-440D-9CE9-9C58CD299509.jpegA2F61F6A-ED62-4532-BD84-C8EA2AE8292E.jpeg12A29FBB-DBB7-4157-937A-E81C497B5D76.jpeg019B4F67-98C6-4CD9-BB99-66E63E53661C.jpeg3850B4DA-5CB2-444E-B13A-3C91FF9E0935.jpeg


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If anyone is wanting to build a JELabs 2-way Altec System, this is a great start. You can even get the 802-8g label foils from GPA.