Sold: Altec 802-g compression drivers

Selling my trusted pair of altec 802g drivers. These have a matched pair of replacement diaphragms (GPA) with readings of 11.8 and 12.0 DCR - right on spec for 16 ohm drivers. Great working condition, send them back if not satisfied. Cost is $450 for the pair shipped within the USA.

Also have a gently used pair of Radian 1228-16 diaphragms, which I can include for $150. I used these briefly before buying the GPA diaphragms. They also sound very good but a little different than the GPA, more extended on top but less warm and present.

The speakers below are where these drivers had their use - back in 2009 - inspired by the WE 753 and consisting of the now famous combo of Altec 32/802g and Altec 414Z. These carry the prestige of having inspired @Salectric's own Altec speaker adventures those many years ago!

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And pics of the drivers, including a glimpse of tangerine. Also, should point out that the magnet covers look new because they are new - GPA sold me these separately.

While testing the 802s, I was surprised their measured response looked quite good compared to my reference drivers, TAD 2001s. These are taken on the same horn, the sleeper RCF H3709, with a 10uf capacitor and attenuation resistors.

Highly recommend the Altecs on this horn - especially without a helper tweeter.Altec 802 vs TAD 2001.jpg
Great, I'll reply to your message offline.

The 32 horns went to Salectric, and I think he recently sold them here to a lucky member.