SOLD Altec 902-8B drivers with mantaray horns - Price lowered


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Selling two Altec 902-8B drivers with Altec mantaray horns. The horns were given to me by fellow forum member woody. So I guess those are included for free.
One horn has chipped off corners but functions perfectly. If you haven’t heard the mantarays, you’re in for a treat.

the 902-8B have the tangerine phase plugs (actually black phase plugs in this case) and the original diaphragms in perfect condition all for excellent high frequency extension.

$425 + shipping7D99DB29-26FA-450C-8D91-337FFA28ABA4.jpegD4317F4B-E7AD-494D-B6E0-7636F60E3DCD.jpeg227FC419-0F8E-4007-B2BA-E05A945F934F.jpeg90B436C6-C09D-444D-B65A-0881A61A714B.jpegE4A8AFE4-4B3C-4B44-8614-578A5DC9C72F.jpeg