SOLD: Altec Laguna Single Speaker Assembly, Model 830A

If anyone is interested in an Altec Laguna with a pair of 803B woofers, a 511C horn with an 802 compression driver and the N-500-D crossover network, let me know. All drivers are working and it sounds good. The grill cloth will need to be replaced but the cool Altec emblem is still there. So, it is complete and working but will need grill cloth and it will be up to you as to whether or not the wood finish can be spruced up enough to be left as is or not. Photos on my phone are available but I can't get them to upload to my computer so I'll have to text them to you, if you're interested. This baby is just too big for me to ship so pickup is preferred, unless you have a reliable shipper who can come here, crate it up, etc. It won't be possible to come and see/hear it this week at all but I will check my email and get back to you, should you have questions. Asking $1750 but am open for discussion regarding cash/trade or straight trade deals. Cool speaker and, I think, a pretty good deal, if you're looking to match another one or setting up a mono system.