SOLD: Bottlehead Smash Preamp

Cleaning out the stable, selling my Smash Preamp to a good home, it's not being used since I upgraded to the BH 300B Preamp. Smashup (shunt regulator for each channel) and Smashquiet (stepped attenuators) upgrades installed. Tubes included. $650 plus shipping.
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OldNuke, how did the Smash compare to your BeePre?

Thinking of trying to convert my Foreplay III to a DHT Preamp...4P1L, 26, 10Y or...
I had one of the original Foreplay's, really upgraded it then moved to a passive preamp. I compared my Foreplay to the Smash and the Quickie, there was no real comparison, the Smash was much better. Compared to the BeePre, the Smash can't compete with the 300B tube, the Smash is more sterile, didn't fit my 45 or 2A3 amps. It is great in front of my Vidar though, so it would depend on the system...