SOLD---Darling "Clementine" S.E.T. 1626 single ended amplifier---SOLD

charles hidalgo

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Darling 1626 single ended amplifier using a Shannon Parks circuit. His version is called the Clementine. Hammond power transformer and choke. Output transformers are Edcor. Changed the circuit to use a 12SN7 as input instead of the 12sl7 and it sounds amazing (much better in my opinion). 3/4wpc drives my big Altecs easily to acceptable levels in my 20x24 room. This amp produces the widest deepest stage on par with any amp I own but I am cleaning out lots of gear and I have to make tough choices as it doesn't make sense to have so much gear around anymore. Nice thick aluminum top plate and cherry plinth. Some extra tubes are included as well along with free shipping.

500.00 Paypal Friends and Zelle accepted.

Thank you




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This is an obscene value at $500. I have everything laid out in my bench to build a darling circuit, if I didn’t I would have pulled the trigger.