SOLD: Fidelity Research FR-24 MK2 - SoCal area - $450


I would like to sell my Fidelity Research FR-24 MK2 tonearm. I purchased this in February from a reputable eBay seller in Japan and have used it seldomly since mounting it on my Sony 2251 turntable. It is a truly amazing tonearm, and both build quality and sound quality are absolutely excellent. The bearings are very smooth, and as far as I can tell, this tonearm is mechanically in excellent condition. There are a few surface marks, but certainly nothing out of the ordinary for something from the 1960s. I recently bought a Rega Planar 3, and while I would love to keep this arm, it's just not going to get any use as my Sony 2251 isn't in perfect condition. It comes with all 3 original counterweights (an uncommon find) as well as the original headshell.

I am asking $450, which is exactly what I paid for it, to the cent. As such, I am firm on the price. I am located in ZIP code 92081, and am willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet a buyer. As much as I would love to ship this, I do not trust my packing skills on such an expensive tonearm in such good condition. Therefore, this will be a local only sale. I have attached a picture of the tonearm mounted on my Sony 2251. You will not regret buying this tonearm!

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