SOLD FS: Yaqin MS-20L integrated EL34 amp $500

Yaqin MS-20L integrated amplifier, purchased new in 2011. Located in central Alabama.
4 - EL34 output tubes.
8 - 6J1/6AK5/M8100 input/phase splitter tubes.
4 RCA type inputs which are selectable on the front or with the remote.
4ohm and 8ohm taps for speaker connections.
50 watts per channel in Ultralinear mode and 25 watts per channel in Triode mode.
The output tube bias is easily adjustable without disassembling the amp.
Bias adjustment tool included.
Remote control included.

I have 2 years in electronics school and passed the associate Certified Electronics Technician exams and state licensing exams in the 70s. I made the following upgrades to this amplifier.
1)The motorized factory volume control was replaced with a Blue ALPS potentiometer, which is not motorized.
2)A Blue ALPS potentiometer was also placed into the negative feedback circuit (NFB) to allow adjustment of the gain and tone.
3)Coupling capacitors replaced with Obbligato Gold capacitors.

The following tubes are included:
4 - Svetlana Winged C EL34WC date codes 2005 and 2007, these are genuine Winged C not the new reissues.
4 - Mullard M8100 phase splitter tubes.
4 - Voskod 6J1P-EV input tubes.
(This is $200+ worth of tubes)
The owners manual and schematics are included.
I took photos with and without the "cage" on it. I can take more photos on request.
The other items in the photos ARE NOT INCLUDED.
Thanks for looking!
I am going a different route for my audio system and am selling this amplifier. I will be happy to demo it for serious buyers. I would prefer not to ship this as it weighs 45 pounds but would be willing to at the buyer's expense.

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