SOLD Ken Uesugi S.E.T. 46/47 tube amp ... wired and updated properly by James Burgess SOLD

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I love Ken's builds and this was his personal amp. I have owned and own over a half dozen of his amps and the early stuff is magical but the soldering skills and layouts left a lot to be desired. So I asked my good friend James Burgess to clean it up and lay things out correctly. The result is this amazing amp that sounds amazing and is mechanically sound and correct.

I have some amazing and rare 46 and 47 type tubes. I will include a set of both to the buyer along with a few different rectifiers and the Western Electric driver tubes of course.

1800.00 shipped
I accept PP, and Zelle.


46 or 47 based tube amplifier
Driver tubes are 717A.
Output is 2W.
Deluxe Walnut box 3mm thick was adopted.
separate left / right volume controls.
Rectifier tube choices are GZ34, 5AR4, 5R4GW, 274B etc without modification.
Auto bias for both 46 and 47 tubes
120v ISO power transformer so already works with US 120v (no SUT needed)
vintage Sachsenwerk output transformer and chokes

Many items to come for sale as I will be thinning out some 30 years worth of gear.


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Glwts Charlie, that's really special and I'm sure someone will be very happy.