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When you need an amp to give you both Raw Power and finesse. This is the amp you need. This has been without a doubt the best amp I have had here in the Dragon Den. It has mastered every speaker I have latched them to. Drove my infinities into submission. Sounded absolutely fantastic while doing it. If not for a really rare opportunity, this amp would be my last. It seriously checks all the boxes.

As proof of my intentions to originally not sell it. I had the Factory service it just last month. I will include all documentation and the factory service receipt with the sale. All but the Large Caps where replaced. The Large Caps were removed and fully tested and were deemed to be up to spec. The Amp is ready for another long term of service.

Due to its size and weight, This will be a local(ish) sale only. Either pick up after audition at the Dragon Den or an arrangement could be made. I am willing and have gone above and beyond to get Items to Aker's in the past and this would be no different. I have a large truck and could deliver in the area or a short distance away. I am going to be in Canada this summer and so will open this up to my Canadian Havenites. I will be in Ottawa and Toronto and could make meet up arrangements if it would help.

Description: Solid-state class-A stereo amplifier. Rated minimum continuous output power: 250Wpc into 8 ohms (24dBW), with no more than 0.1% THD; 500Wpc into 4 ohms (24dBW), with no more than 0.1% THD; 1kWpc into 2 ohms (24dBW); 2kWpc into 1 ohm; 4kWpc into 0.5 ohm (24dBW). Frequency range: 0Hz–250kHz. Input impedance: 47k ohms, non-inverting and inverting inputs. Input sensitivity: 2.3V. Slew rate: >100V/µs. S/N ratio: 120dB, "A" weighted. Power consumption: 12A continuous.

Dimensions: 19" W by 8.5" H by 24" D (including front and rear handles). Weight: 140 lbs. (Mine weighs a little bit more according to the factory)

Read more at Krell KSA-250 power amplifier

Condition: Very clean with minimal marks. One fin was bent during shipment to me and was repaired by Krell. I have posted a picture of the fin. Electronically, it is Factory fresh or is that refreshed?

Asking $3200 OBO. I will entertain reasonable offers but am not looking for trades on this one at this time.
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You must really like that Goldmund. ;)

But seriously, folks, this is an incredible amp for a very fair price. :)

It will drive exceedingly difficult speaker loads (M-L CLS) with ease.