SOLD: REL 7T/i Subwoofer - Pristine Condition


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I am upgrading my system overall with larger loudspeakers and no longer require the REL subwoofer. As a two-time REL owner, once with dual 5T/i and with the current single 7/Ti, I can say I much prefer the single and larger 7T/i over the two smaller subs. The Seven is easier to integrate, goes lower and lends it's authority to piano as well as double-bass. I rate the condition of this sub at 8.5 only because I've owned it for about 4+ years but I don't see any marks or swirls
This REL 7/Ti sells for $999, I am asking $650, and am willing to split shipping costs. I have original box, all accessories including the 10m Neutrik Speakon Interconnect and manual.

The Absolute Sound by Neil Gader
"I evaluated the T7i like I do all subwoofers—an interwoven, three-perspective approach of assessing extension, integration, and musicality. In extension the REL was as good as its word, descending with authority into the low thirty-cycle range and perceptibly lower as it rolls off. Not quite the full bottom octave (20Hz) but true sub-bass territory, nonetheless, and an achievement for such a small sub."

Thanks for looking! Pics attached. More pictures available upon request.