SOLD: Restored and upgraded Fisher 30A monoblocks + $600 inc. shipping (Continental US)


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These are my infamous (Nate is vaguely familiar with 'em) rat-rod Fisher 30A monoblocks. These were in my home theater for several years, but I've changed direction there and as such, am moving them along (also I need to refill the bank account post-FR24 MkII purchase).

These amps started out as salvage projects: one was missing an output transformer and was a complete rust-bucket, while the other had a bent chassis and a bad power transformer. After sourcing the appropriate replacement iron, both chassis were stripped to remove the rust but leave the patina of age (one amp chassis ended up clear-coated in the interests of preservation). As part of the restoration, pretty much everything was replaced in each amp other than the iron, the Cinch Micalex tube sockets (which were cleaned), the output terminal strips (ditto), and the within-spec 100 ohm / 5W power resistors In addition, the power supply was reworked using a special choke & diode arrangement (thanks to Dave Gillespie for this excellent tip) in place of the standard 7000 ohm wire-wound power resistor to lower the power supply noise floor.

Punch list:
  • CE multi-section can cap
  • Kiwame (KOA-Speer SPR) and Riken Ohm resistors throughout the signal path
  • K40Y-9 signal caps and mica feedback caps
  • X1/Y2 safety cap + power switch + grounded power cable
  • Hammond 155J / diode / Vishay film cap PSU upgrade
  • New input jacks
  • NOS tubes (GE 6CA4s, Telefunken ribbed-plate 12AX7s, 6P14P outputs)
Thanks for looking.




Post Whore In Training
Anyone? These are sweet little amps, I just can’t justify keeping so much gear - my wife has the patience of a saint, but I need to make a best effort. 😊