SOLD SOLD - “GPA’d” Altec 604-8G’s - SOLD SOLD


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Okay. I just have too much stuff. I keep thinking I’ll get to everything, but the reality is these are probably going to stay in the closet for a long time, especially since I have two pairs! This pair was going to be my “active 604’s” and have a different box design than my pair which I am planning a passive build with. But I realized a simple set of alternate backs for the passive boxes and I can try them both ways. I’m just too Altec rich.

This pair of Altec 604-8G’s came out of a set of Urei’s I bought. I don’t know much of their history, but they were kinda beat up and had what looked like water marks on grey cones... not sure those cones were even original. The speakers are slightly mismatched aesthetically from the back. See the pics. I just assume one was a little order and was a replacement in the Urei’s... the other still has its Urei sticker on it.

These were delivered to Bill and the crew at GPA early in 2020. He did his magic on them. Reconing both speakers, remagging, and brand new GPA diaphragms in them. ZERO hours since the work was done. One also had a broken binding clip, so I had him replace all 8 with his new ones which are much heavier and more solid than the stock Altec ones.

Mounted in cabs these look brand new. I have the GPA heavy duty boxes that they use to ship these, so shipping isn’t a problem at all.

The work performed by GPA was nearly $600 without freight to and from since I drove them 2.5hrs each way to drop off and pick up. See attached invoice. The “rear covers” line item is just how he rung in the binding posts on all of them I believe... I didn’t get new covers. A lot of value here on a turnkey pair of drivers. If you got a decent deal on a set likely you’d be into them for $800 shipping them round trip to OKC for the same treatment.

Im asking $1750 plus shipping for them for HFH peeps. Pretty firm on these. PP F&F preferred. I’ll give these a few days here before listing elsewhere.

- Woody



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Hell of a deal! These will make someone very happy!
I hope so. They are good to go and someone could slap these in a box and add a network and be up and running really quick. Much better than paying for a set $$ and then paying freight on them 2-ways to GPA $$ and then for the work $$. This is one stop shopping if someone isn't prissy about what they look like "behind the curtain."

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If I didn't already have a pair of GPA'ed 604-8Gs in my system, I would find a way of buying these. Since I built out mine 15 or so years ago, I've been out there listening for something that might push them (and a good SET amp) to the curb - just in case it exists. I just haven't heard it, especially when considering real-world constraints like price and what works in actual listening rooms.

They can be life-time, merry-go-round full-stop pieces, at least they are for me.


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I'm going to bump these up and make a HFH only special price. $1600 and I'll split the shipping. I'm heading out of town on Friday AM and I would love to ship these out before then.

I put them on USAM and several Altec/Lansing FB groups last night asking $1900. So snag up a great pair of drivers that are plug and play.

- Woody


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If I wasn’t a recovering AA member (Altec Anonymous; hoarder) and happy owner of 604 E’s, I would be all over these!
it’s been said before but these are definitely endgame speakers. I have yet to find a speaker that does what the 604 does right better.