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I love these speakers, they have been through a lot of iteration with me and I really enjoy this configuration. But, I need to move them along to make room for more projects. Most of you have probably seen them in the threads, but here are the details — if you need links to where I've talked about them in threads including build pics, I can dig them up.

Asking $2500. Pretty firm since I think these are worth every bit of that. This includes $500 of this price going toward packing and palatalizing and freighting them. For $500 a local shipper I use can get them to MOST parts of the lower 48. I have used him for a few pairs of large speakers with good results. Local pickup is welcome in Wichita, Kansas and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

These have sounded amazing with basically anything I've hooked to them. They are really forgiving speakers and the MR horn provides a nice wide sweetspot — check out the old Altec M14 ad for reference.


• Custom Altec 614 cabinets. They are just a hair shallower than the Altec plans, but internally they are the same. Build with baltic birch by a professional carpenter. VERY VERY good build quality. Sprayed with clear lacquer... a few scratches on top from different horns etc... but nothing crazy. Cabs are lined on the tops and one side and back with OC703 compressed fiberglass battes. Cardas binding posts.

• Altec 414A 12" drivers (converted from 601, green basket, back cover says 601C)

• Altec Model 14 HF sections including MR-931-12 plastic horn and Altec 900-series compression driver with original Altec aluminum diaphragms. I added back covers from GPA and the magnets outer part of the driver have been sprayed with charcoal grey plasti-dip. They look much better than what comes out of M14's OEM.

• Altec N-3000 dividing network from the Altec 601C's. Recapped with a russian PIO cap. This network sounds very good to me with this driver/horn combination.

• Custom top hat to rear mount the 931-12 horn. It matches the lower cabinet, but being a couple years newer it is slightly "whiter" in color. I would imagine with time it will get closer to the lower cabs. It already has some.

• Custom steel stands. Powdercoated orange.

• The top of the lower cabinet has a pair of spring-loaded binding posts installed to make changing HF sections easy. Will provide pics if needed.


Holler with questions!

- Woody

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That's a _very_ good deal, imo. Someone is going to end up with an awesome pair of speakers!

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While not my thing, if I ever wanted to try a pair....These would have been it. I am sure the new owner will be pleased as punch. Congrats all around!