SOLD SOLD SOLD Reference Lenco Price drop!! PTP4 build. SOLD SOLD SOLD

charles hidalgo

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Lenco PTP4 ultimate build with Fidelity Research FR24 MKII tonearm, Tiger maple plinth including two extra new unused arm boards to mount tonearms up to 12”. SPH upgraded bearing, long spindle (for stackable platters if desired), idler wheel damper, tool less speed adjustment knob from SPH, Simone Lucchetti Audiosilente idler wheel, and two extra brand new never used arm boards. Every single thing in this has been serviced and or upgraded. I also have an entire extra set of motor mount springs, three idler wheels, extra idler wheel arm and grommet, original Lenco mat, rare strobe disc, custom record stabilizer, original still unused FR headshell, and more. Low price reflects no cartridge or copper mat.

I accept PayPal friends and Zelle

2200.00 shipped.

This for me holds close to the Jean Nantais tables that sell for 8,000.00 and up.6B3CFAAC-B8DD-4364-8D1B-BCF4D40A43EB.jpeg799E9C07-3330-482A-82B9-66A7853C61FD.jpeg69298F9B-D65A-47B1-BB5F-7396C0C469C8.jpeg6D5F6E7B-F845-4152-BA58-714503F96545.jpeg
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My current table was bought from a guy who replaced it with a PTP4 build. And my current table is the bomb, if that means anything. To beat it is some feat.... good luck with your sale! Love that copper mat.


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I didn’t NEED a Lenco. I don’t need any of this stuff. :-)

I’ve never owned any idler, and that is really why I wanted it. Also, my projects have never been fast... and everything is done to this one. Drill a hole, drop in my arm, and I’m off to the races!

Can’t wait!

- Woody
I thought my Lenco sounded better than my TD-124 if that means anything. And this is that taken to an awesome degree. I was trying to rationalize a place to put this but couldn’t fit it anywhere. Curious to hear what you think!