SOLD: Sony ES CD Player

Up for sale is a nice Sony CDP C85ES 5-Disc CD Player. This one has the lovely rosewood side panels. Been fully serviced including the laser motor cleaning and the usually wonky power switch these have been known to have problems with. Good to go other than a remote, but any Sony remote will likely work.

$165 shipped west of the river, $175 east. Or whatever the Canadian surcharge might be for North of the wall.
I have a few of these myself. I believe it still has a readily available and affordable laser if one wants to have a spare, and it’s a nice sounding unit to boot. For someone interested in a changer, it’s a nice one.


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I have a similar one in a system at my wife's art supply shop - CDP-C8ESD. Maybe a year earlier 1989 vs. 1990? Sounds good and works great.