SOLD-----STS fully serviced/upgraded Thorens TD124 MKII with 12" arm board, and Thorens record stabilizer...

charles hidalgo

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Brought the table out in the light to show it's minty mint.

Table is minty all around and performs better than new. Thorens TD124 MKII Serviced and refurbished by STS (1,600.00 for the service alone) with piano black plinth , Thorens record stabilizer (300.00) and custom flush adaptor to run any platter mat desired.

Restoration is a full disassembly , rebuild of the motor , rebuild of the main bearing , acid bath cleaning of the linkages to remove the cadmium oxidation present on every TD124 (cadmium is toxic and causes cancer , STS disassembles the linkages and acid washes everything to remove the loose oxidation then treat the metal to make it safe).
The chassis is polished to shine like new
everything gets cleaned , and then reassembled / adjusted
the result is a beautiful TD124 which is ready for another 60 years of operation.

New factory gray Thorens paint
New Strobe Mirror
STS advanced o-ring idler wheel
STS premium motor suspension
New STS premium suspension grommets
Chassis rewire (power cord)
Spirit bubble
Piano black custom plinth
Corian custom 12" armboard



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Great deal whoever bought it. I’d have jumped all over it if I didn’t already have a TD124.